Environmental Lead Team

Documenting and managing our environmental policies and performance

Environmental Lead Team Working Group membership (2013–2014)

Name Position Location
Athena Trastelis [Chair] Senior Manager, Environment, Health, Safety & Environment Toronto
Pat Pietracupa Senior Director, Health, Safety and Environment, Health, Safety & Environment Montreal
Daniel Langevin Manager, Health, Safety and Environment, Real Estate Services Montreal
Dennis Graham Manager, Health, Safety and Environment, Transmission Division Toronto
Nata Maggio Director, Insurance and Risk Management, Finance and Administration Ottawa
Joe Hill Director, Operations and Contingency Planning, English Services Toronto
Daniel McGuire Manager, Operations and Contingency Planning, French Services Montreal
Mario Gionet Corporate Fleet Manager, Supply Management, Finance and Administration Montreal
Sébastien Dubois Legal Counsel, Legal Services and Corporate Secretariat Montreal
David Oille Senior Consultant, Strategic Communications, Corporate Communications Toronto
Michel Arredondo Senior Project Manager, Information Technology Montreal

CBC/Radio-Canada’s Corporate Policy 2.2.16: Occupational Health, Safety and Environment

Past reports

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