Messages from Executives

President’s Message

Society has become more attuned to issues involving our environment, including climate change, waste reduction and energy conservation. Proof of this general awareness are the many discussions being had—locally and globally—about the environment. And as Canadians continue to participate in these types of conversations, CBC/Radio-Canada also remains committed to being environmentally sustainable in our operations.

We have seen such a positive response to our biodiversity initiative involving urban beekeeping, as noted in this report, that we are encouraged to do more. Whether it is introducing car-charging stations, measuring our consumption rates or diverting waste from landfills, we continue to look for solutions to challenges facing our shared environment in all aspects of what we do. We are responding to the environmental challenges of the day in new and exciting ways.

I’m pleased to share this report with you, detailing these and many more of our accomplishments and activities for the past year ‒ all intended to reduce our environmental footprint and help ensure a healthier ecology for tomorrow.

Vice-President’s Message

Welcome to CBC/Radio-Canada’s latest Environmental Performance Report. The work and initiatives described in this latest installment are commendable and noteworthy in many respects. This report illustrates the many ways that CBC/Radio-Canada is proactively engaged in doing its part to protect the environment. It also shows how the Corporation aims to lead by example, in being a good corporate citizen and applying sustainable business and environmental practices and processes.

I am also impressed by our new biodiversity initiative, involving the installation of beehives on the rooftops of some of our worksites (with more added since the period captured by this report). It’s a meaningful way for us to play our part in addressing an issue affecting the global environment. It’s also in the spirit of our role as the public broadcaster, in that it’s an engaging community-based project that has already garnered a great deal of attention from those who share a concern for our surroundings, and has created more awareness and action in response to the decline in the world’s bee population.

Carrying out our business while being mindful of the environment makes good sense, because it helps ensure a better world for future generations. Being environmentally sustainable in what we do involves sound economic and ethical business practices that prioritize fundamental necessities, like health and safety, and our environmental footprint as a whole.

Congratulations to the team that produced this report and to the many employees across the Corporation who are engaged in the success of our environmental activities.

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