Regulatory Submissions - 2005

Date Description
November 14, 2005 Application 2005-0849-2 by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) to amend the licence of the national Category 1 specialty programming undertaking known as Country CanadaCBC/Radio-Canada application | BPN CRTC 2005-93
October 24, 2005 Request by the CCTA to repeal section 22 of the Broadcasting Distribution RegulationsCBC/Radio-Canada comments | see BPN CRTC 2005-74
September 19, 2005 Application 2005-0917-7 by Jim Pattison Broadcast Group Limited Partnership to amend the licence of CFJC-TV Kamloops
September 12, 2005 Broadcasting Public Notice CRTC 2005-80 – Demande 2005-0632-1 du Groupe TVA inc. pour modifier les conditions de licence de LCN ZIP | Available in French only
August 25, 2005 Request by the CCTA to repeal section 22 of the Broadcasting Distribution RegulationsCBC/Radio-Canada comments
July 22, 2005 Call for applications for an all-channel alert service (See BNPH CRTC 2006-3)
June 3, 2005 Item 2 – Application 2004-1556-4 by TSN to amend its licence to add category 7 drama and comedy programming and to participate in the English-language Canadian television drama incentives programCBC/Radio-Canada comments | Submission
June 3, 2005 Item 3 – Demande 2004-1560-6 de RDS visant à la modification de ses conditions de licence afin d’ajouter la programmation de catégorie 7CBC/Radio-Canada comments | available in French only
May 13, 2005 Application 2004-1571-2 by Bell ExpressVu for a condition of licence to authorize distribution of unique local programming on partial or omnibus channelsCBC/Radio-Canada comments
April 21, 2005 Call for proposals for a framework to guide the migration of pay and specialty services from analog to a digital distribution environmentCBC/Radio-Canada comments | See also BPN CRTC 2004-58 and BPN CRTC 2004-61-2
February 21, 2005 Call for responses to submissions on the Canadian Cable Telecommunications Association’s proposal to amend the policy regarding the use of local availabilities CBC/Radio-Canada comments
January 18, 2005 Item 1 – Application No. 2004-0921-0 by CTV Television Inc. to amend the broadcasting licence to carry on the specialty television service known as CTV NewsNetCBC/Radio-Canada comments
January 14, 2005 Broadcasting Public Notice CRTC 2004-95, Item 2 – Demande 2004-1152-0 de TQS inc. en vue de modifier la licence de l’entreprise de programmation de télévision CKTV-TV Saguenay, en retirant l’émetteur CKTV-TV-1 Saint-Fulgence de la licence Submission | French only
January 9, 2005 Item 1 7– Application 2005-1468-9 by Aboriginal Voices Radio Inc.CBC/Radio-Canada comments

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