SYNC: online technology magazine

SYNC is a new online technology magazine sponsored by CBC/Radio-Canada's Technology Strategy Board that showcases why Canada's national public broadcaster stands out in the rapidly changing broadcast industry. The title reflects our media and technology teams working together to create and deliver outstanding programming to Canadians when, where and how they want it.

In these and upcoming issues, our contributors will report on the media technology projects and directions that are keeping CBC/Radio-Canada at the forefront of content production and distribution. We invite you to come behind the scenes at CBC/Radio-Canada with us and get in SYNC with the future of broadcasting.

CBC/Radio-Canada's Technology Strategy Board

CBC/Radio-Canada's Technology Strategy Board (TSB), comprised of representatives from both English and French media and technology sectors, has worked together as partners to develop CBC/Radio-Canada's corporate-wide technology strategy, and is responsible for the governance of the Corporation's technology infrastructure.


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