Editorial Dany Harrison

CBC/Radio-Canada’s Technology Strategy Board is very proud to present this second issue of SYNC. Once again, our team’s ample technological expertise has been brought to the fore within this issue.

Technology plays a major role in the success of our Strategy 2015: Everyone. Everyway. It is an essential catalyst in our organisation’s transformation. The technological aspect of our strategic plan sets out the building blocks necessary for an entirely tapeless production environment that handles all of our production processes, from content creation to production, all the way to broadcasting on all of our platforms. The success of this transformation depends on the use of powerful tools to search, access, catalogue, and archive our content. Other technologies will have an impact on our daily activities, such as unified communication, Cloud computing, digital radio broadcasting, connected television, and, in the long run, immersive television. These are some examples of the daunting and exciting challenges on the Technology Strategy Board’s agenda over the years to come.

This issue and the ones to come will showcase the analyses and results of the work carried out by a plethora of our experts in technological matters, not to mention their passion for technology.


Dany Harrison
Chair, Technology Strategy Board

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