Editorial - Fred Mattocks

As the new Chair of CBC/Radio-Canada’s Technology Strategy Board (TSB), I am proud to present this third issue of SYNC, the online magazine that puts the spotlight on applications of technology in support of CBC/Radio-Canada’s mission.

Digital technology has become pervasive in our lives, at home and at work. Increasingly, it enables new capabilities and opportunities. Many of those were science fiction only a few years ago. Now they are realities. Digital technology also brings new challenges to solve, some of them intrinsic to the technology and others artefacts of the pervasive nature of the digital world. In our industry, and in our day to day business, we see the opportunities and the challenges everywhere.

Wisdom and necessity dictate that, in the midst of an ocean of opportunity, we must make smart choices. We cannot do everything; we cannot pick every technology that interests us or that might be useful. We need to focus with rigour and discipline on those choices that directly support the goals set out within Strategy 2015: Everyone, Everyway and fulfil our mandate of providing the quality content that Canadians want.

SYNC is the Technology Strategy Board’s showcase for the choices that we have made and for the enterprising, productive, and innovative work that makes them real. It also serves to showcase those of our fellows who have been seminal in their conception and execution.
This issue and the upcoming ones will feature the outcomes realised at the invitation of our strategy and the response of talented people who have the expertise to enable the strategy through the application of technology.

I am confident that you will enjoy the content and, as you read, will share with the TSB the pride we hold in the results delivered.

Fred Mattocks
Chair, Technology Strategy Board

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