Editorial - Fred Mattocks

As the Chair of CBC/Radio-Canada’s Technology Strategy Board, I am pleased to welcome you to the fourth issue of SYNC, which continues to put the spotlight on the Corporation’s technological initiatives to provide Canadians with the content they desire across a plethora of different platforms.

Technological revolution is more than a matter of products; it is also a matter of having forward-looking people working towards a common goal. A common thread throughout this issue of SYNC is the inter-departmental cooperation involved in bringing the right people together to provide our projects and initiatives with the right multidisciplinary approach and creative vision to build a solid foundation for the changes that CBC/Radio-Canada is implementing. A truly remarkable degree of communication and information exchange is taking place on a daily basis, and that is allowing our people to make the connections necessary for them to make the best choices with a view towards achieving the goals of Strategy 2015: Everyone, Everyway.

Ultimately, it really is all about working in SYNC.


Fred Mattocks
Chair, Technology Strategy Board

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