Sync Editorial

I am very glad to welcome you to the sixth issue of SYNC, CBC/Radio-Canada’s online media, operations, and technology magazine, which puts the spotlight on the latest projects and business initiatives driven by the Corporation.

This issue features articles on a plethora of subjects featuring a common thread of empowerment through technology: an overview of the inner workings of the Corporation’s Centralised Public Alerting System, an analysis of the role that the French Services’ ElectR application plays in delivering election results to our audiences, an update on the consolidation of file-based workflows within our production processes, an explanation of how Google Earth is used by our Broadcast Engineering group, a closer look at the empowering potential of self-service when dealing with IT needs, and the mobile workplace revolution made possible by new technology.

Beyond all that, this issue features another quarterly Digital Digest, as well as a column by Fred Mattocks on the power of Media Asset Management (MAM) and the effects that our upcoming MAM solution will have on the way in which we do business.

As always, I would like to take a moment to thank all of our contributors for their efforts, and the TSB for its support. Moreover, I would like to thank the rest of the SYNC Board of Editors:

  • Jean-Pierre Bédard – Director, Telephony & Unified Communications, Media Technology Services;
  • Djamel Djemaoun – Senior Enterprise Architect, Information Technology;
  • Brian Johnston – Supervisor, Broadcast Engineering, Media Operations & Technology, English Services;
  • Pierre Marion – Director, Media Engineering, French Services.

Without their support and cooperation, none of this would have been possible. I hope that you will enjoy the selection of articles featured in this issue, and that we will have the pleasure of your company and feedback over many more issues to come.

Paul Jané
Chief Editor

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