Business travel and hospitality expenses

CBC/Radio-Canada executives are actively involved in industry activities, both domestically and overseas. They travel internationally to fulfill the Corporation’s obligations as a shareholder in international broadcasters and as a partner in various international broadcasting bodies, while also maintaining relations with foreign public broadcasters with whom CBC/Radio-Canada does business.

The rules and principles governing business travel and hospitality are outlined in CBC/Radio-Canada’s Policy on Employee Related Expenses and Reimbursements. This policy provides directives for the reimbursement of legitimate and reasonable expenses incurred during the conduct of CBC/Radio-Canada business.

As part of its financial statement audit process, at least once every three years, the Auditor General of Canada applies specific procedures to examine a sample of such expenses, and sends its results to the Audit Committee.

Quarterly business travel and hospitality expenses are posted on this site but information that would not be disclosed under the Access to Information Act or the Privacy Act is not.

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