Summary of expenses for George C.B. Smith

Period from April 1 to June 30, 2008

The Senior Vice-President, Human Resources and Organization, has approximately 150 HR employees in 12 regional offices across Canada, and ultimately leads the HR strategic and operational activities at CBC/Radio-Canada. In his role, this executive must travel and meet with senior executives, managers and employees throughout the Corporation to support business strategies through the implementation of policies and programs that ensure CBC/Radio-Canada manages and supports its workforce.

The Senior Vice-President, Human Resources and Organization, is the Chair of FETCO, the Federally Regulated Employers - Transportation and Communications organization, which requires traveling to regions across the country.

He attends Senior Executive Team meetings every month in Toronto, Montreal or Ottawa. This executive also travels regionally for stakeholder events, as well as for meetings of the Board of Directors, six times per year in different locations across Canada.

Travel Expenses

Date(s) Purpose(s) Cost(s)
04/03/08 Toronto: VPs performance evaluations $499.01
04/09/08 Montreal: VP performance evaluation & meeting with Hubert Lacroix $233.07
10-11/04/08 Toronto: Meeting with Canadian Media Guild (CMG) $789.83
17-20/04/08 Toronto: Director's College $459.25
22-24/04/08 Toronto: Senior Executive Team (SET) meeting; Montreal: Human Resources Directors' performance evaluations $1,128.92
27/04-01/05/08 Ottawa: Consultative Committee for Staff and Benefits (CCSB) Meeting $935.12
07-08/05/08 Montréal: Meeting with Francine Létourneau and Hubert Lacroix $485.03
12-15/05/08 Montréal: Preparatory meeting for Canadian Media Guild (CMG) negotiations; CBC/Radio-Canada Board of Directors in Québec City; and meeting with CMG in Toronto $1,182.76
20-23/05/08 Montreal: Human Resources Senior Management Team (HRSMT) meetings; Toronto: candidate interviews $1,386.16
02-06/06/08 Gatineau: Consultative Committee on Staff Benefits (CCSB) special committee meetings $839.12
11-13/06/08 Toronto: Future Ready Conference and CMG pre-meeting $637.40
22-27/06/08 Toronto: Negotiations meeting between CBC/Radio-Canada Management and CMG representatives $873.38
Total $9,449.05

Duty Entertainment Expenses

Date(s) Event Description(s) Cost(s)
04/28/08 Gatineau: Repas d'affaires avec consultants $132.30
06/23/08 Mississauga: Meal with CMG members, Fred Mattocks and consultant $381.20
Total $513.50
GRAND TOTAL $9,962.55

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