Summary of expenses for Sylvain Lafrance

Period from October 1st to December 31, 2008

The Executive Vice-President, French Services, is responsible for a total of 4,000 employees located in 20 regional production centres and 27 journalistic offices across Canada, and in four foreign bureaus abroad. In his role, he must travel to these regions to meet with staff.

This executive regularly meets with domestic and international industry stakeholders and attends their events at home and abroad. He is a board member of TV5Monde and Radios francophones publiques. He also attends meetings of the Communauté des télévisions francophones, which requires foreign travel approximately five times a year. Participation in these meetings provides an excellent opportunity for the exchange of best practices with other leading broadcasters.

The Executive Vice-President attends Senior Executive Team meetings every six weeks in Toronto, Montreal or Ottawa. He also attends meetings of the Corporation’s Board of Directors six times a year in different locations across the country.

Travel Expenses

Date(s) Purpose(s) Cost(s)

*Trip taken during second quarter of 2008–09

21-24/09/2008* Charlottetown, PEI: CBC/Radio-Canada Board of Directors’ meeting $2,265.99
6-12/10/2008 Paris and Arles: Speaker at Public Broadcasters International (PBI) conference and TV5Monde Board of Directors’ meeting $7,619.70
16-18/10/2008 Quebec City: ARTV Board of Directors’ meeting and opening of the Sommet de la francophonie (departure from Ottawa) $1,677.78
21-23/10/2008 Ottawa: Senior Executive Team (SET) meeting $631.02
11-14/11/2008 Toronto and Gatineau: Leaders Forum and music presentation to CRTC $1029.32
17-19/11/2008 Ottawa: CBC/Radio-Canada Board of Directors’ meetings $718.14
24-25/11/2008 Vaudreuil: Senior Executive Team retreat $232.16
15-16/12/2008 Toronto: Senior Executive Team (SET) meeting $358.95
16-21/12/2008 Paris: Meetings of the Communauté des télévisions francophones (CTF) and TV5Monde Board of Directors $4,248.43
Total $18,781.49

Duty Entertainment Expenses for the Period October 1 to December 31,2008

Date(s) Event Description(s) Cost(s)
02/10/2008 Business meeting with a producer $91.01
15/10/2008 Business meeting with an industry representative $126.62
11/11/2008 Business meeting with a consultant $110.21
17/11/2008 Business meeting with CBC/Radio-Canada Board member $100.14
04/12/2008 Business meeting with an industry representative $134.50
18/12/2008 Business meeting with an industry representative $141.84
Total $704.32
GRAND TOTAL $19,485.81

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