Summary of expenses for Sylvain Lafrance

Period from January 1st to March 31, 2011

The Executive Vice-President, French Services, is responsible for 4,000 employees located in 20 regional production centres and 27 journalistic offices across Canada, and in the Corporation’s foreign bureaux. In his role, he travels to the regions to meet with staff.

This executive regularly meets with domestic and international industry stakeholders and attends their events at home and abroad. He is a board member of TV5MONDE and Les Radios Francophones Publiques. He also attends meetings of the Communauté des télévisions francophones, which requires foreign travel approximately five times a year for the purpose of discussing best practices with other leading broadcasters.

The Executive Vice-President attends Senior Executive Team meetings five times a year in Toronto, Montréal or Ottawa, and meetings of the Corporation’s Board of Directors six times a year across the country.

Travel Expenses

Date(s) Purpose(s) Cost(s)
10-11/01/2011 Ottawa: Presentation of our five-year strategy "Driving towards 2015" to CRTC $465.52
22-30/01/2011 Paris: Radios francophones publiques (RFP) general meeting; signing of new ARTE France shareholder agreement; TV5 Monde Board of Directors meeting; and meeting with Radio-Canada Paris bureau employees $6,464.86
31/01-01/02/2011 Ottawa: Internal launch of our five-year strategy "Driving towards 2015" $380.67
07-09/02/2011 Toronto: Senior Executive Team (SET) meeting and meeting with SET to discuss 2011-12 business plans $1,395.49
09-11/03/2011 Saint-Sauveur: Management Committee meeting $72.00
14-16/03/2011 Ottawa: CBC/Radio-Canada Board of Directors meetings; speech at Club du midi; meeting with F. Létourneau, Director, 75th Anniversary; and meeting with J.-P. Blais of Canadian Heritage $761.26
27-28/03/2011 Toronto: Juno Awards gala $1,346.29
31/03-01/04/2011 Moncton: Meeting with Acadian community leaders; meeting with Radio-Canada Acadie employees; speech at Université de Moncton $546.95
Total $11,433.04

Duty Entertainment Expenses

Date(s) Event Description(s) Cost(s)
Total $0.00

Internal Business Hospitality Claims

Date(s) Event Description(s) Cost(s)
17/01/2011 Montreal: Working lunch with P. Beauduin, Executive Director, Radio de Radio-Canada, to discuss radio management and the music initiative $73.37
25/01/2011 Paris: Working dinner with P. Beauduin, Executive Director, Radio de Radio-Canada, regarding the RFP general meeting $123.68
08/02/2011 Toronto: Working breakfast with G. Rossier, Executive Director, Internet and Digital Services $26.60
15/02/2011 Montreal: Working dinner with K. Stewart, Executive Vice-President , English Services, to discuss cooperation between English and French Services $100.66
18/02/2011 Montreal: Working lunch with L. Lantagne, Executive Director, Télévision de Radio-Canada, to discuss status of summer-fall projects $50.62
01/03/2011 Montreal: Working lunch with L. Lalande, Executive Director, Regional Services, to review the regional strategy $30.72
15/03/2011 Ottawa: Working lunch with F. Létourneau, Director, CBC/Radio-Canada 75th Anniversary, to review CBC/Radio-Canada 75th anniversary preparations $56.85
17/03/2011 Montreal: Working lunch with F. Beauregard, Executive Director, Human Resources, to review French Services HR matters $57.50
31/03/2011 Moncton: Working dinner with J. Huard, Manager, Communications, Acadia; L. Imbeault, Director, Radio-Canada Acadie; M. Cormier, incoming Director, Radio-Canada Acadie; and M.-A. Murat, Director, Regional Communications, to prepare for meetings $199.34
Total $719.34
GRAND TOTAL $12,152.38

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