Summary of Expenses for Hubert T. Lacroix

Period April 1 to June 30, 2012

CBC/Radio-Canada has adopted a de-centralised approach to its head office functions. This requires the President and CEO to maintain offices in Toronto, Ottawa and Montréal. He holds Senior Executive Team meetings five times a year in one of these cities, and attends meetings of the Corporation’s Board of Directors six times a year across the country. The President also travels to meet with employees in the regions.

With a large base of corporate stakeholders scattered throughout the country, the President must represent the national public broadcaster at a number of industry events and cultivate relationships with many key individuals and groups.

Hubert T. Lacroix began his term as President and CEO of CBC/Radio-Canada on January 1, 2008.

Travel Expenses

Date(s) Purpose(s) Cost(s)
03–04/04/2012 Toronto: Budget 2012: Town hall meeting with employees $1,234.29
19–25/04/2012 Vancouver, Canada and Sydney/Brisbane, Australia: Regional visit to Vancouver; and Commonwealth Broadcasting Association (CBA) conference in Brisbane
NOTE: Flights, accommodations, meals and transfers were covered by the CBA
16/05/2012 Halifax: Regional tour $2,310.96
30/04-03/05/2012 Calgary: CBC/Radio-Canada Board of Directors meetings $4359.72
22–25/05/2012 Ottawa: Leaders Forum and working from Ottawa office $610.18
28/05/2012 Ottawa: Working from Ottawa office $14.42
06–08/06/2012 Toronto: Working from Toronto office and address to Economic Club of Canada $1,663.74
18–20/06/2012 Ottawa: CBC/Radio-Canada Board of Directors meetings $740.16
25–26/06/2012 Ottawa: Working from Ottawa office and attended round table for Heads of Crown corporations $469.38
Total $11,552.21

Duty Entertainment Expenses

Date(s) Event Description(s) Cost(s)
10/05/2012 Lunch meeting with representative from a charitable association $30.44
31/05/2012 Breakfast meeting with industry representative $57.02
Total $87.46

Internal Business Hospitality Expenses

Date(s) Event Description(s) Cost(s)
Total $0.00
GRAND TOTAL $11,639.67

* For additional information on the treatment of business travelling expenses of the President and CEO for work in Ottawa please click here.

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