Summary of Expenses for Hubert T. Lacroix

Period January 1st to March 31, 2017

CBC/Radio-Canada has adopted a de-centralized approach to its head office functions. This requires the President and CEO to maintain offices in Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal and hold senior management meetings every six weeks in one of these cities. The President also travels to meet and dialogue with employees in the regions.

With a large base of corporate stakeholders scattered throughout the country, the President must represent the national public broadcaster at a number of industry events and cultivate relationships with many key individuals and groups.

The expenses of the President and CEO are reviewed and ratified, on a quarterly basis, by the Audit Committee of CBC/Radio-Canada's Board of Directors.

Mr. Hubert T. Lacroix began his term as President and CEO of CBC/Radio-Canada on January 1, 2008.

Travel Expenses

Date(s) - Start Date(s) - End Events Description(s) Cost(s)
2017-01-06 2017-01-06 Toronto : Business meetings $823.02
2017-01-19 2017-01-19 Toronto : Business meetings $862.02
2017-01-23 2017-01-23 Ottawa : Business meetings $219.14
2017-02-28 2017-02-28 Ottawa : Business meetings $239.14
2017-03-06 2017-03-08 Quebec : Business meetings $436.64
2017-03-22 2017-03-22 Ottawa : Business meetings $180.05
Total $2,760.01


Date(s) - Start Date(s) - End Events Description(s) Cost(s)
2017-01-23 2017-01-23 Working meal with industry representative $103.50
Total $103.50

GRAND TOTAL $2,863.51

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