Compensation Summary


It is the talent, passion and commitment of people at CBC/Radio-Canada that drives its success. CBC/Radio-Canada is a rewarding, progressive and diverse workplace, enabling a high performance culture of dedicated, innovative and highly skilled professionals.

CBC/Radio-Canada faces the challenge of competing for talent within a vibrant competitive private sector, while also operating as a federal Crown corporation. The Corporation's compensation philosophy is to provide a total compensation package that supports its ability to attract, develop, motivate and retain the talent required to enable the organization to deliver on its strategic objectives.

It positions its total cash compensation offering, with elements such as base salary and at-risk pay, in the middle range of what is offered by comparable Canadian companies from the entertainment, publishing and telecom industries, as well as a selection of Crown corporations and federally-regulated companies. The Corporation’s short-term incentive plan,for which management employees are eligible, aligns all parts of the business around organizational objectives and drives desired behaviours and superior business performance, supported by metrics and thresholds. Two senior executives also currently participate in a long-term incentive plan.

Unionized workforce

As of April 1, 2018, CBC/Radio-Canada had 7,444 full-time equivalents. Approximately 84% of our workforce is comprised of unionized employees represented by 4 bargaining units, including a new merged unit; their compensation ranges from $26,716 to $108,300, as set out in their respective collective agreements.

On-Air Talent

In some cases, on-air talent (eg, announcers, hosts, reporters and presenters) receive additional remuneration, above and beyond their union scale, as negotiated individually, based on factors such as the assignment, their recognized prominence and excellence, as well as their special skills and expertise.

The following chart summarizes the actual compensation for on-air talent, as of April 1, 2018 (excluding overtime). This information is set out in the form of salary bands (of $50,000 increments) and is aggregated, where necessary, to protect the privacy rights of individuals under the Privacy Act.

Senior Management

The following chart summarizes the compensation for CBC/Radio-Canada’s senior management. It sets out their base salary range and total cash compensation range. It also provides comparisons with compensation in the market.

Proactive Disclosure

CBC/Radio-Canada continues to look for ways to increase its accountability and transparency with Canadians, including through proactive disclosure. By providing this information, the Corporation is at the forefront of other Crown Corporations and other broadcasters, providing a clear picture of the remuneration earned by its employees, while maintaining its ability to attract and retain high-calibre talent in a very competitive broadcasting industry and respecting existing federal law regarding the privacy of individual's specific salaries.

In this way, Canadians can be assured of the Corporation's continued responsible management of its public resources.

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