About Us

Corporate Strategy


Future Directions show the strategic, forward-looking choices we are making to enable achievement of key performance indicators’ targets for 2015-2016, as we are ramping up into A space for us all.

In addition to our specific future directions described below, our 2015-2016 targets take also into account the many factors and pressures mounting in one or both English-language and French-language markets. These include items such as the rise of content and production costs; the multiplication of distribution channels and increasingly sophisticated strategies; changes in the regulatory framework as well as the persistent decline in the conventional TV advertising market. Further pressures include, in the French-language market, the increase of competition in the drama genre and a market shift given the presence of new overpowering players; and in the English-language market, the continued dominance of foreign programming.

English Services

Smart, unique, and distinctly Canadian programming is at the core of our plan to increase and deepen our engagement with individual Canadians. To do this, we will offer programming to our audiences that is distinctly Canadian, creatively ambitious and different from private broadcasters. We will accomplish our goals through our plan to:

  • Invest in programming that shares national consciousness and identity through Canadian storytelling and Canadian experience:
    • Increase investment in and renewal of television and digital entertainment content;
    • Focus on investigative and original journalism in news;
    • Make CBC Sports the recognized Canadian home of the Olympics;
    • Continue radio’s focus on information talk and serving a variety of musical tastes.
  • Increase engagement with Canadians through enhanced local services:
    • Maintain existing geographic footprint of local services;
    • Pursue a mobile first, digitally focused strategy.
  • Utilize digital platforms and social media to attract and retain audiences:
    • Implement a scalable network of user experiences to enable growth objectives;
    • Expand digital reach through partnerships;
    • Enhance our understanding of our digital audiences.
  • French Services

    Through the content we will air, produce, and distribute, and the services we will provide, we will help define the future in a rapidly shifting environment. More precisely, we will:

    • Reimagine schedules and services to expand reach and impact, and build on the multiplatform/multiscreen environment that’s now become the norm to stay in sync with our audiences as their consumption habits change:
      • Invest strategically in drama series and variety;
      • Support and drive ICI EXPLORA’s performance;
      • Promote ICI ARTV’s positioning and role as a dominant “arts and variety” partner in line with the multiplatform/multiscreen strategy.
    • Put down even deeper roots in the community:
      • Focus on programming initiatives, face-to-face opportunities with audiences and partnerships that foster engagement.
    • Stake our claim on the digital territory, and sell ourselves as the go-to source:
      • Continue and increase production of digital news, with priority on mobile content for smartphones;
      • Roll out new mobile content offerings in the regions.
    • Better understand our audiences to stay in sync with them:
      • Continue developing and implementing an optimal integrated social media strategy;
      • Develop an approach to the ICI Tou.tv user relationship via a new members’ centre.