About Us


As of March 2015, we employed 6,659 permanent full-time equivalent employees (FTEs),(1) 158 temporary FTEs and 623 contract FTEs.

Our head office is located in Ottawa, with main network operations in Toronto and Montreal. We originate local programming from 27 television stations, 88 radio stations and one digital station. We have two main television networks – one in English and one in French – five specialty television channels and four Canada-wide radio networks, two in each official language. We integrate content across multiple websites. Internationally, CBC/Radio-Canada has nine permanent foreign bureaus.


This map denotes the locations of our CRTC-licensed and affiliated radio and television stations across Canada, as well as our designated digital station. Note that digital services are also offered in the other stations, as a matter of course. The map does not include our various news bureaus and newsgathering locations.

  • (1) Effective this fiscal year, the tracking of Full Time Equivalent (FTE) positions includes: the base positions of employees on leave for fewer than two years; all unique secondary assignments; all long-term contract positions of more than 13 weeks; all unique long-term temporary employees; and all long-term vacancies in the positions listed above. Part-time employees are counted as a portion of a FTE.