Message from the Chair

Rémi Racine

For almost 80 years, Canadians have turned to CBC/Radio-Canada as a trusted source of news, entertainment and education. The world and its technology have evolved since we first joined the airwaves, and the public broadcaster has worked to evolve with it through the years.

Over the past few years, however, broadcasting and media consumption patterns have been changing at an unprecedented pace. Although live television is still the most popular viewing format, Canadians are also accessing content on new platforms: 90% of them have a home Internet connection, 85% watch online video, and 68% listen to streaming audio. Nearly half of Canadians own a tablet and 66% have a smartphone. Online TV viewing is now commonplace for 46% of the country's audiences, while smart TVs and Netflix-style services are gaining ground.

Both the CBC/Radio-Canada Board of Directors and management team agreed that maintaining the status quo was not an option. Our new strategy, A space for us all, is based upon a realistic yet imaginative assessment of our future, and will strive to continue to earn the passionate audiences that Canada's national public broadcaster has enjoyed for decades. We know that the face of broadcasting is changing and our role is to lead that change, enabling Canadians to access the content they want, when and how they want it. At the same time, we will continue to be a platform that develops and promotes Canadian talent and original productions, ensuring that they are accessed here and where possible around the world.

Our content and services strategy mirrors the changing media habits of Canadians and will be made possible by shrinking our infrastructure footprint, transforming our people and culture and increasing our financial sustainability. The major overriding objective for the President and CEO and the Senior Management Team in the next five years may be described by the term “One Company.” Specifically this means bringing CBC and Radio-Canada closer together, working to avoid duplication, share resources and produce the best content possible for Canadians, while ensuring our content remains distinctive and tailored to the needs of both French-speaking and English-speaking audiences.

That said, change is never easy and the first year of any transformation plan can be particularly challenging. In order to position the Corporation for success, our management team has made many tough decisions, including modifications to the size of our workforce. These alterations are essential for CBC/Radio-Canada to continue to be the public broadcaster that Canadians can count on at any time, on any platform.

In closing, I would like to thank my fellow directors, senior management and indeed all members of the CBC/Radio-Canada team for their unwavering support of public broadcasting in this country. Together, we will guide CBC/Radio-Canada through 2020 and beyond.

Rémi Racine
Chair, Board of Directors