Year in Review

Strategic Highlights


More distinctly Canadian. More regional. More digital.

2015: Everyone, Every way has guided CBC/Radio-Canada's strategic direction since 2011. As we transition into our new strategic plan, here are a few of the achievements of Strategy 2015 across the Corporation.

More Canadian:

During Strategy 2015, fulfilling our obligations to Canadians under the 1991 Broadcasting Act has been top of mind. Canadians agree we succeeded.

Throughout the implementation of Strategy 2015, Anglophones and Francophones continued to believe that CBC/Radio-Canada met its mandate by giving English Services and French Services high average scores – ranging from 7.2 to 8.4 out of 10 – for the four aspects that measure our mandate.

CBC/Radio-Canada's radio and television programming is:

  • Available on new platforms
  • Informative
  • Enlightening
  • Entertaining

Source: Mission Metrics Survey, TNS Canadian Facts.

Both Anglophones and Francophones consistently felt that CBC and Radio-Canada:

  • Delivered high quality and distinctive content
  • Reflected and drew Canadians together
  • Reflected a diversity of opinions and covered major issues in a fair and balanced way

Since 2010-2011, the majority of indicators measuring these aspects consistently received high scores of over 7 points on a 10-point scale basis.

Source: Mission Metrics Survey, TNS Canadian Facts.

We exceeded Canadian content expectations

Both CBC Television and ICI Radio-Canada Télé have exceeded the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC)'s commitments in all years covered by Strategy 2015.

90% Canadian content in prime time
Source: CRTC

More Regional:

We enhanced the quality of the service we delivered to the regions. For example, French Services extended its news coverage to seven days a week, all day long, and enhanced its level of service across digital, radio and TV through initiatives such as adding new Téléjournal editions during the week-end. English Services expanded TV local coverage during the supper hour and in late night, expanded local radio weekend news coverage, and shored up digital resources for more uniform digital offerings in local communities.

We created new models of integrated multiplatform or digital-based production centres that enhanced our service level and improved production efficiencies, including in the following locations:

  • Est du Québec
  • Estrie
  • Hamilton
  • Kamloops
  • Kitchener-Waterloo
  • Mauricie
  • Saguenay
  • Saskatoon

In fact, during Strategy 2015, we reduced our real estate portfolio's footprint by 10%.

Source: Real Estate Services, CBC/Radio-Canada.

We expanded our digital regional offerings and are now in 34 communities through our two flagship websites: and ICI

More Digital:

We added six new services, with an emphasis on digital:

  • CBC Music
  • ICI Musique and
  • ICI and Extra package

In addition, we have been gradually upgrading regional digital services over the past several years to provide Canadians with more news that mattered directly to them.

Note: As part of Strategy 2015, we sold the bold specialty service because it no longer fit with the direction of the Corporation.

Over the course of Strategy 2015, we enhanced our ability to deliver special, multiplatform signature events of significance to Canadians, such as:

Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games

  • 33.5 M Canadians reached

  • 97% of Canadian population reached

  • 1 in 3 Canadians used mobile platforms

  • 2.5 M people downloaded Olympics apps

  • 17.5 M view hours streamed

  • 602 M page views

Source: Numeris (BBM Canada) and Adobe SiteCatalyst.

2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil

  • 30.8 M Canadians reached

  • 89% of Canadian population reached

  • 6.6 M Canadians live streamed video content

  • 1.3 M mobile apps downloaded

Source: Numeris (BBM Canada), Apple and Google.

We forged new partnerships to strengthen our content offering to Canadians.

Over the last five years, CBC and Radio-Canada signed several agreements with high-profile partners to make sure that our content is available on a wide range of new screens (Microsoft, Samsung, LG) and platforms (Netflix, iTunes, Google Play, etc.) used by Canadians across the country. Furthermore, we developed innovative content business models, such as the subscription video-on-demand platforms and ICI Extra. We also used strategic partnerships to enhance our services, such as the CBC-Pelmorex partnership on national weather.

With the intent to continue developing partnerships that increase access to CBC/Radio-Canada content and reduce our infrastructure costs, both media revenue teams are now consolidated as one Media Solutions service. This means that we are better able to adapt to market realities and meet our business partners' needs.


CBC/Radio-Canada's strategy, A space for us all, will give us the agility and financial stability needed to navigate a rapidly evolving media environment. By ensuring our relevance in the digital sphere, the plan aims to put the public broadcaster at the heart of our conversations and experiences as Canadians, while continuing to deliver for our biggest audiences: those who use traditional platforms. The strategy will position CBC/Radio-Canada to thrive now, as well as in an age beyond traditional broadcasting.

The new plan is built on the successes of our previous strategy – 2015: Everyone, Every way – through which we committed to becoming more Canadian, more regional and more digital by 2015. Having largely achieved those goals, we now need to move faster and further, to ensure the public broadcaster's relevance in an environment where digital is changing everything about broadcasting. These changes range from how content is delivered and consumed, to rethinking how Canadian broadcasters earn revenue and ensuring the continued investment in Canadian programming.

We are in the midst of a very challenging and always complex transition to the future. To guide our way, we have set out the following mission and vision statements, rooted in the Broadcasting Act that enshrines our mandate:


CBC/Radio-Canada expresses Canadian culture and enriches the life of all Canadians, through a wide range of content that informs, enlightens and entertains.


In 2020, CBC/Radio Canada will be the public space at the heart of our conversations and experiences as Canadians.

Our mission and vision will be achieved through a relentless focus on great, distinctive content and services that mirror Canadians' changing media consumption habits. That laser focus will be enabled by strategies to reduce infrastructure, transform our people and culture, and increase our financial stability.

Financial Sustainability

The strategic plan sets out four objectives to position us for the future:

  1. Through our distinctive content, increase and deepen our engagement with Canadians; inspire them to participate in the public space.
  2. Change our infrastructure to allow increased simplicity, flexibility/scalability and collaboration.
  3. Build a culture of collaboration, accountability, boldness, action and agility, with a workforce that reflects the country.
  4. Achieve sustainable financial health, including the ability to invest in the future.

The plan's three report cards (Mandate and Vision, Strategy, and Media-Line) will be published in our key corporate documents such as the Annual Report and the Corporate Plan Summary, as well as on our corporate website. The framework for the Strategy report card, approved by the Board in March 2015, is outlined below. The final Strategy report card, including results and targets, will be published in the fall on our corporate website.


Indicator Type of Data Source of Data
Audience/ Market
1. CBC/Radio-Canada is very important to me personally Perception Independent Survey
2. CBC/Radio-Canada's programming reflects diversity of opinions and objectivity Perception Independent Survey
3. Digital reach of CBC/Radio-Canada Ratings comScore
4. Monthly digital interactions with CBC/Radio-Canada Ratings comScore
5. Overall time spent with CBC/Radio-Canada Ratings Numeris and internal Server Data
6. Reduced real estate footprint Output Internal Data
7. Employee engagement Perception Independent Survey
8. Employee diversity Output Internal Data
9. Achieve cost-reduction target Financial Internal Data
10. Achieve investment fund target Financial Internal Data

Our progress to date

The following are just a few examples of the numerous projects we are monitoring as we commence our new strategy:

  • Reviewing the overall organizational design of the Corporation;
  • Establishing a small, flexible Olympic Business Unit to support the 2018 and 2020 Olympic Games; and
  • Implementing digital employee training in the regions.

An important element of the new plan is our local strategy – announced first in December 2014 and further clarified in March 2015. As part of bringing Canadians the content they want, how and when they want it, we are continuing to increase our local touchpoints with Canadians in their communities by offering a continuous local news and information service via mobile, web, radio and television. New services, new positions, and more digital and news throughout the day: these are all changes that will help us serve and be relevant to Canadians today and into the future. More on this can be found in People and Leadership, section 3.2.

Les enfants de la télé - ICI Radio-Canada Télé

Les enfants de la télé, André Robitaille and Édith Cochrane, ICI Radio-Canada Télé