Céline Galipeau,
Le téléjournal, ICI Radio‑Canada Télé

A central feature of Strategy 2020 is the establishment of metrics to track and assess our performance. Building on existing measurement tools, CBC/Radio-Canada has developed a streamlined performance measurement framework to assess our new strategic plan. The new performance measurement framework covers three areas: Mandate and Vision (perception survey indicators), Strategy 2020 (strategic indicators) and Media Lines (operational indicators).

Our Mandate and Vision

As Canada’s national public broadcaster, the establishment of metrics to track and assess the perception of our performance is essential to demonstrate our accountability to Canadians. The Mandate and Vision Perception Survey allows us to monitor how well Canadians believe our services fulfill the Corporation’s mandate under the 1991 Broadcasting Act, as well as to measure the performance of our programming with respect to quality, distinctiveness and our ability to reflect and draw Canadians together. The report also includes vision indicators, which present the Corporation’s role in fulfilling the vision of Strategy 2020. The data is collected via high-quality surveys conducted among representative samples of Anglophone and Francophone Canadians.(1)

Strategy 2020

The Strategy 2020 performance report is used to ensure that we are meeting the corporate-wide strategic objectives of our current strategic plan. We established long-term 2020 targets and track our progress towards them with short-term annual targets starting with 2015-2016. A set of 10 key indicators were developed to measure the four elements of the new strategy: audience, infrastructure, people and financial sustainability.

For audience success, we selected five indicators:

  • By 2020, we want three out of four Canadians to consider one or more of our services to be very personally important to them (indicator 1);
  • With respect to the diversity and objectivity of our information programming (indicator 2), we set a goal to maintain Canadians’ high perceptions even in the face of a fragmenting public opinion and the transformation of our news offering;
  • In order to change Canadians’ perceptions so significantly, we will need to launch new digital services and grow our digital reach and interactions with Canadians (indicators 3 and 4); and
  • We will also need to maintain the level of time Canadians spend with our services, even as competition for Canadians’ attention continues to increase (indicator 5).

To support our audience goals, we will need to transform our infrastructure, including reducing our real estate footprint by 50% (indicator 6). We will need our employees to be more engaged (indicator 7) and to better reflect the diverse society we serve (indicator 8). Lastly, we will need to meet our cost reduction (indicator 9) and investment fund targets (indicator 10) to be financially sustainable.

Media Lines

We use Media Lines reporting to measure performance against our operational targets, which mostly focus on audience reach and share through our various platforms, the size of our subscriber base for specialty television channels, and self-generated revenue across all our services.


(1)TNS Canada has been conducting the Mission Metrics tracking survey since 2010. Two methodological changes were made starting in fall 2015: 1. Sample sizes were reduced to lower the cost of the survey from 1,400 per wave per language to 1,000; and 2. Mobile-only homes were added to address changes in the Canadian population. Despite these methodological changes, results are comparable with previous years. Differences between the national 2015-2016 results and 2014-2015 results are about 2.0%.