Message from the Chair

Rémi Racine

In this time of internet-driven change, innovation and flexibility are critical elements for any large organization. Following a series of difficult decisions over the past several years, it is inspiring to see the important progress taking root at CBC/Radio-Canada, all while the Corporation adapts to significant changes in the media industry.

As a Board, we are committed to ensuring CBC/Radio-Canada can fulfil its mandate to inform, enlighten and entertain Canadians amidst an era of unprecedented transformation. This is why we were proud to drive a digital-first strategy that is aligned with Canadians’ evolving consumption habits.

Two years into our strategy, we are deepening our regional presence, creating high-quality content and seeing tangible results in our digital-first strategy. We have also received a strong vote of confidence from the federal Government in the form of a stable, predictable funding increase of an additional $75 million in 2016-2017 and $150 million per year on an ongoing basis. It is the first increase of its kind in decades and one of which the Corporation must take full advantage. We need to continue focusing our efforts on ensuring the Corporation remains a leader in the digital shift happening across the broadcast industry.

The Board of Directors fully supports the path to 2020 set out for the public broadcaster and I look forward to working with them in the year ahead. We will continue to provide guidance and leadership as CBC/Radio-Canada evolves into an even more dynamic, digital, public space in which Canadians can gather, discuss, debate and enjoy world-class content.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank both Brian Mitchell, who resigned from the Board in April after eight years of tireless service, and Pierre Gingras who resigned in October, for their hard work and dedication.

I am confident that this annual report highlights the many positive changes that are taking place across the Corporation, and that more and more Canadians will join the conversation as we continue to strengthen our role as Canada’s public broadcaster.



Rémi Racine
Chair, Board of Directors